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Feeling Gets The Blessing.

Creating Harmony!

Acting with definiteness of purpose to become the dominating influence in our own spiritual, mental, and physical environment.

Advancing, moving forward towards




March 27, 2019, a divine intervention took place. This is where my whole life changed. What I feel and would like to call a first-hand encounter with the source, the divine infinite intelligence that innately lives deep within us all. A profound sense of love fell upon me.


This gave me a whole new perspective on life and made me realise that other than LOVE, I understood that growth and contribution is one of the best forms of fulfillment life can offer. Helping and aiding towards prosperity. A wise man once said, "any person who contributes to prosperity must prosper in turn". 

Life to me is to be lived from a state of joy, Inspiring people, helping to elevate the minds of those who have a desire to reach a higher state of consciousness, achieving a point of realisation and a greater sense of awareness of what one is capable of and what one can potentially achieve.

Before this significant date, I grew a great desire for personal development, I started altering patterns, changing my diet, changing habits, abstaining from the things I watched to the type of music I listened to.

I found out that a whole new personality literally equaled a whole new personal reality. 

I discovered that helping people unlock their true potential is one of the greatest achievements and feeling one can obtain, and it's the feeling that gets the blessing, meaning the way you feel, whether it be negative or positive, will attract to you, that of what you feel in your heart. Our thoughts and feelings create our reality. 

Along my journey and after much striving I learned that by unlearning and relearning we possess great power that can alter our world if we make the choice for it to be so.

There are two types of people in the world I say, those who want more and those who settle. Which one are you?


I am an accredited elite life coach IAPC&M certified, level 5 incorporating NLP and hypnotherapy. I have experience in breaking down the habit of the old self to form the new self.

You have all of the power and capability within you to create the life of your dreams, I am here to be of service and to help with that. Attentive to your prosperity.

Call now for a free 20 minute consultation: 07486553730

I am here to guide you and the first step is to pick up the phone

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