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Life Coaching

Attentive to your prosperity | Currently via Zoom

  • 1 h
  • 50 British pounds
  • Zoom

Service Description

Life coaching can really help to give you a new perspective, whether it be the development of growth, changing habits, being more motivated, altering those limiting beliefs, being happier, gaining more confidence, losing weight, or to stop smoking. Whatever you desire out of the session, one to one life coaching is attentive to you. You already have the answers within you, I will help you to unlock those answers. What does it entail you might ask? By asking strategic questions, we will identify where the biggest opportunity for growth is for you. Work out how we can get you from where you are, to where you desire to be, and throughout this process, we will create strategies and I will make sure that you implement that strategy. Remember a coach isn’t someone who is better than you. A coach is someone who has a different perspective. What potential strategies could help? Whilst there are a good few strategies, there is a wonderful pseudoscientific approach called NLP, and with NLP there is a good technique called anchoring, and what anchoring does, it helps you to access feelings to evoke a state of mind, it helps to generate a response, an installation of specific triggers to an emotionally positive state. If Mr. Icann Bookem here, has a very important meeting, and before this meeting, Mr. Icann Bookem is feeling nervous, Icann Bookem can simply use an anchor to evoke the state of confidence in just a mere few seconds. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Another strategy is Hypnotherapy. Imagine you are on board a space ship and the space ship is your subconscious mind, and you feel you are guiding this space ship, but the space ship operates by the way you are feeling, whether you are in a negative or positive state of mind, the space ship works according to your dominate feelings, which are primarily through your unconscious thoughts. Hypnosis helps to gain control over the space ship, (Subconscious Mind) so that you become the captain of your own space ship, steering away from the old negative ways of thinking and guiding yourself into the new & evolved you.

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